Best connection for Encryption

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Best connection for Encryption

Postby Entropy1024 » Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:35 am

What is the best secure connection to use for the command & data channels on FTP?
As far as I see it there is:

FTP = No encryption at all on either channel, all sent in the clear. Obviously not this one :D
SFTP = Encrypted with SSH on a single channel. This also sounds a poor choice.
FTPS Explicit = Uses SSL encryption on command channel, negotiates encryption for data channel. I guess it uses the strongest encryption that both server & host can use. But is the command channel sent in the clear? This does also not sound good.
FTPS Implicit = Uses SSL encryption on both channels.
SCP = New version of FTP where everything is encrypted. Not sure what is used.

So I would imagine that SCP is the most secure as it is the newest system. Am I correct? Perhaps FTPS could be better if both server and client have a very strong encryption algorithm.

Anyhow, I am after a way of transferring files from my PC to phone and always know it will be strongly encrypted.

Cheers for any help
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Re: Best connection for Encryption

Postby support » Wed Sep 10, 2014 8:33 pm

SFTP which relies on SSH (as SCP too).
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