S3Anywhere is an Amazon S3 file manager for Android devices. It allows managing several S3 buckets from Amazon cloud. It comes with both handset and S3 file managers. It provides download, upload and folder synchronization features. Resume support for download is available. File managers allow renaming, deleting, and copying files. You can view permissions (ACL) on each file. You're ready to access Amazon cloud from Android.
What is Amazon S3 ? Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service) is an online service provided by Amazon.com, that allows anyone (web designers, individuals, companies ...) to store large amounts of data online.
last update: 01/2014

S3Anywhere is an application for Android devices (phones, tablets). It's a file manager and folder synchronizer for Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service). Main features are:
  • Handset and S3 bucket file managers.
  • Upload and download with cancel support.
  • Europe, US West, Asia (Singapore and Tokyo) location support.
  • Reduced Redundancy storage support.
  • Server-side encryption support New.
  • Create bucket.
  • Back button support.
  • Resume support for download.
  • Rename file(s) support.
  • Delete file(s) support.
  • Copy file(s) support.
  • List files and folders sorted by name and size.
  • Open file (MP3, Video, Text ...) support on local device.
  • Local search support.
  • Permissions (ACL) viewer on S3 objects.
  • Multiple S3 settings support.
  • Secure (SSL) S3 connection support.
  • Folder synchronization (mirror remote/local) support.
  • Scheduling support for folder synchronization.
  • Share support for gallery.
  • Synchronization widget support.
  • Wake lock option while tranferring to prevent device sleeping.
  • App2SD support.
  • HostEurope storage service support.
  • Spanish, French, Japanese translations added.
S3Anywhere splash screen Manage S3 connections Select S3 settings
Splash screen Add/Remove S3 settings Select S3 bucket
Create Amazon S3 connection Create Amazon S3 connection Hanset file manager
General S3 settings Advanced S3 settings Device file manager
S3 file manager S3 ACL Upload files to your bucket
S3 file manager S3 permissions (ACL) Upload to bucket
Download files from your bucket Options Import settings
Download from bucket Options Import settings
Folder synchronization Sync report Sync widget
Folder synchronization settings Folder synchronization report Synchronization widget


  Download APK for Android (free)
 V 1.9.8 New [apk]   [zip]

  • v1.9.8:
    - Device images/videos thumbnails support added for grid layout.
    - Samsung multi-windows support added.
    - All resolutions icons added.
  • v1.9.7:
    - Expert/specific S3 settings added.
    - Wake lock support improved.
    - Android 4.2 support.
  • v1.9.5:
    - Open remote file feature added.
    - Grid layout option added.
    - Exclude files/folders from sync support added.
  • v1.9.7:
    - Non-US bucket support added in free version.
    - French translation added.
    - Android 4.1 support added.
  • v1.9.6:
    - Non-US bucket support added in free version.
    - French translation added.
    - Android 4.1 support added.
  • v1.9.5:
    - Non-US bucket support added in free version.
    - French translation added.
    - Android 4.1 support added.
  • v1.9.4:
    - Non-US bucket support added in free version.
    - French translation added.
    - Android 4.1 support added.
  • v1.9.3:
    - Mediascanner support fixed for Android 1.5
    - Minor bugs fixed for folder listing.
  • v1.9.2:
    - Link share with optional expiration support added.
    - Local file search support added.
    - Android 4.0 ICS display bugs fixed.
    - Droid share support bug fixed.
    - MediaScanner trigger added after download.
  • v1.9.1:
    - Synchronization criteria option added.
    - Remote sync folder selection improved.
    - Japanese translation added.
    - Spanish translation added.
    - Android 1.5 support bug fixed.
  • v1.9:
    - Retry on failure support added.
    - Multiple send support added.
    - US West (Oregon), South America (Sao Paulo), Gov cloud (US) added.
    - Local home folder option added.
    - Local folder selection improved.
  • v1.8:
    - Amazon server-side encryption support added.
    - HostEurope storage support added.
    - Android 4.0 support added.
  • v1.7:
    - WiFi only option added for folder synchronization.
    - On-the-clock support added for scheduled synchronization.
    - Sync widget added [Pro version only].
  • v1.6:
    - Share from gallery support added.
    - Sync schedule support added [Pro version only].
    - Sync all menu item added [Pro version only].
    - Last sync date added to main screen.
    - Recursive folder download minor bug fixed.
    - 80% font scale option added.
    - Android 3.2 support.
  • v1.5:
    - Mirror local support added for folder synchronization [Pro version only].
    - Full sdcard synchronization alert moved into warn for mirror remote.
    - Export settings to file added.
    - Remote mkdir support added.
    - Threading minor bug fixed.
    - Android 3.1 support.
  • v1.4:
    - Reduced Redundancy Storage support added.
    - Empty folders bug fixed on synchronization.
  • v1.3:
    - Wake lock while transferring added to prevent sleeping
    - Folder synchronization support [Pro version only].
    - ASIA (Tokyo) bucket location support added [Pro version only].
    - Android 3.0 support.
  • v1.2:
    - Europe, Asia, US West bucket location [Pro version only].
    - Import AWS settings [Pro version only].
    - Bucket creation bug fixed.
    - Ascending/descending sort switch added.
    - App2SD support added.
    - Options screen improved.
    - Menu icons updated.
    - Android 2.3 support.
  • v1.1:
    - Show hidden files option added.
    - File/folder details menu added.
    - Folder usage (total size, amount of files and subfoders) in details.
    - Recurse subfolders to display amount of files before deletion.
    - Copy support from internal device items (Audio/Images/Video).
    - File extension for media store export option added.
    - .aac, .m3u, .m2a, .s3m, .log, .wmv extensions added.
    - Large screens support added.
    - ChangeLogs dialog added.
    - Android 2.2 support.
  • v1.0:
    - Back button support added.
    - APK install support.
    - Send file option added (email attachment, bluetooth) for device files.
    - Microsoft office mime-types added.
    - Content provider item deletion added.
    - Bug fix for filenames including #
    - Comparator bug fix.
    - Android 1.6 and 2.1 support added.
    - zipalign applied.

  • Can I use HTTPS to connect safely to Amazon S3?
    Sure, make sure the Amazon S3 url is https://s3.amazonaws.com

  • How to connect to a public bucket ?
    A public bucket has read/write permission for anyone. Fill in the bucket name parameter in S3 settings and leave KeyId and SecretKey empty.

  • I get "NoSuchBucket" error, what did I miss?
    This error means that the bucket name you've setup in S3 settings doesn't exist. You may made a typo. Check the bucket name.

  • I get "InvalidAccessKeyID" error, what's wrong?
    This error means that KeyId you've setup in S3 settings doesn't exist. You may made a typo. Double check it.

  • I get "SignatureDoesNotMatch" error, why?
    This error means that SecretKey you've setup in S3 settings is not correct then your signature doesn't match with the one computed by Amazon S3 server. You may made a typo. Double check it, pay attention, it's case sensitive.

  • I get "Received redirect response 301 Moved" when connecting to ASIA bucket, why?
    S3Anywhere free works only with US buckets, you need S3Anywhere Pro for Europe, Asia and US west buckets. If you get this error with S3Anywhere Pro then it might mean that you've just created the bucket, wait a few minutes and try again.

  • How can I use import from file feature?
    Create a file such as import.txt with the following content:

  • What are the differences between S3Anywhere (free) and S3AnywherePro?
    The following features are available in S3AnywherePro only:
    - Europe, Asia and US West bucket location.
    - Folder synchronization.
    - Import AWS settings.

  • I've purchased S3Anywhere Pro, where is my activation key?
    You don't need activation key when you purchase from Google Market. Activation key is for customers that cannot purchase from Google market.

  • I cannot change directory when I setup remote folder?
    Did you start the remote folder with / ? If you want to setup myremotefolder then fill in /myremotefolder and it should work.

  • How to synchronize a full bucket?
    Select / for remote folder in sync tab and select /sdcard/yourfolder for local folder.

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