Am I Secure?

FTP client for Android handsets.
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Am I Secure?

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I'm currently using FileZilla on my home server and everything is working great, but I was wondering how secure my connection is. I'm currently using FTPS explicit, but I was wondering how to use the certificate that FileZilla generates. When I log in from outside my LAN, the log shows that SSL/TLS connection is established, and then it works. However, the certificate doesn't even need to be set up. I've created one via FileZilla on windows, then copied the certificate to my sd card as well and chose the file in the AndFTP settings. Whether or not I select the certificate on my AndFTP settings, the thing still connects. I read in another thread that removing your password will cause the certificate to be checked instead, but that didn't work for me.

Can someone tell me the difference between explicit/implicit FTPS and SFTP?

My current setup, with FTPS working and SSL/TLS connection saying its established, what does that exactly mean? I essentially need the same login and password for regular FTP, so does using the FTPS instead encrypt the traffic?

What would be the benefit of using SFTP over FTPS, if any? How would I use FileZilla to set up SFTP and create a certificate?

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