FTP client for Android handsets.


Postby kbolay » Mon Mar 02, 2009 7:23 pm

Thanks for this very useful and well put-together application!

I just have one (or two) feature request(s) regarding the handling of
passwords: Right now, the password for save hosts is displayed in
clear-text. It should be possible to "hide" the password (at least as
an option). This leaves the password slightly more protected from
casual snooping (of course a determined hacker could still retrieve

Also, if the password field is left empty (or contains a wrong
password), the application should prompt for a password when
attempting (and failing to connect). That prompt should offer an
option (check-box) to save the entered password - but it should be
possible to not save the password - that way one would have to enter
the password each time when connecting to a host (trading more
security for comfort).

Right now it seems that the only possibility not to have passwords
stored seems to be to first enter them, then connect, use the
application to up/download, then disconnect, and then "edit" the host
and delete the password. That is pretty cumbersome. As explained above
it should be possible to have an easy workflow requiring to enter the
password on each connection.

Thanks, Kai
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Re: Passwords

Postby support » Mon Mar 02, 2009 9:02 pm

We're going to update the FTP password field to hide content. Many users reported the same for this issue. At the beginning, we thought it was not a problem because end-user owns the Android device but, as we get many feedback about this, we're going to fix it very quickly.

We also plan to implement the prompt for login/password too when it is not filled in it setup.

Thanks for the feedback again.
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