How to enable ED25519 support

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How to enable ED25519 support

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AndFTP 5.3 increases security level by adding more encryption algorithms such as ED25519. To enable it you need to activate the "Secure" SSH provider in expert settings:

- Step1: Create a SFTP configuration
- Step2: Go to Advanced tab, click "Browse" to select your key (Open SSH format)
- Step3: Click Expert/specific FTP settings
- Step4: Click "SSH provider" item in options listed
- Step5: Select: "Secure (includes ED25519)"
- Step6: Click back and click "Save" (important!)

You're now ready to connect SSH server through ED25519!

Some screenshots of the procedure:
ED25519 support
ED25519 support

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Re: How to enable ED25519 support

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This is excellent! If I understand correctly this introduces support for the superior and more secure (since it supports multiple encryption rounds) OPENSSH pem format.

Please add an entry to the AndFTP FAQ page:

p.s. I don't see a way to "star" or +1 this post to express my appreciation. That would be a nice feature for this forum.

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