Wish list for AndFTP

FTP client for Android handsets.

Wish list for AndFTP

Postby support » Sun Dec 20, 2009 10:08 am

Here is the list of request for enhancements for AndFTP:
- Run as Intent (login, password, host, paths). [DONE] in 1.4
- Add parameter to intent to close dialog after transfer. [DONE] in 1.5
- Add parameter to return intent about transfer status. [DONE] in 1.5
- Add status (ok, cancel, fail) for onActivityResult with Intent. [DONE] in 1.6
- SCP support. [DONE] in 2.0
- Add IPv6 support for PASV. [DONE] in 2.3
- Auto detect internal address failure for PASV and switch to external address. [DONE] in 2.9.3
- SSL/Implicit support. [DONE] in 2.2
- RSA SSH Key authentication (in addition to DSA that already works). [DONE] in 1.9
- Key > 1024 bits support. [DONE] in 2.3
- SSH shared key with ConnectBot or create key file.
- Backup tool integration.
- Folder synchronization [DONE] in 2.8
- Retry on transfer failure. [DONE] in 2.9.6
- Trigger MediaScannerConnection to notify the Media Scanner about new files downloaded. [DONE] in 3.7
- Add the option sound notification when down or uploading finishes.
- Hide files starting by "." [DONE] in 1.5
- Ability to schedule downloads/uploads.
- Open/Edit text or HTML file (download/upload automatically).
- SSH compression.
- ZIP compression before upload.
- FTP over SSH VPN.
- Back button support. [DONE] in 1.3
- Signature selection (Unix: L8, Netware: L8) in advanced section. [DONE] Partially in 2.0
- Backup/restore option for my settings.[DONE] in 2.3
- GBK, BIG5 and auto charset support. [DONE] in 1.6
- EUC-JP charset support. [DONE] in 2.6
- Copy support for friendly name. [DONE] in 1.7
- Fix leading space issue for files and folders [DONE] in 1.6
- CLNT support [DONE] in 1.7
- Share support in gallery. [DONE] in 1.7
- Rename/Overwrite pop-up. [DONE] in 3.5
- Be verbose on file transfer (connecting ... statistics after transfer).
- Add multiple items for send/share feature. [DONE] in 2.4
- Intent to create directories.
- Add throughput in intent result. [DONE] in 2.4
- Custom commands support. [DONE] in 2.1
- PRET support. [DONE] in 4.1
- SSL session reuse.
- Background transfer [DONE] in 3.0
- Sort ascent/descent switch. [DONE] in 2.1
- Add filtering such as *.txt for FTP download Intent.
- Add disconnect option after transfer Intent failure.
- Add Clean Command Channel option for FTPS.
- Allow FTPS port configuration. [DONE] in 2.2
- App2SD support. [DONE] in 2.1
- Reconnect automatically on failure [DONE] in 3.0
- When going up a directory, return to the original position of the previous directory (scroll bar).
- Scrollbar similar to the contact list with a larger scroll indicator. [DONE] in 3.5
- Make a DIR or Count File in a FTP directory by Intent
- Import/Export settings. [DONE] in 2.3
- Allow keeping timestamp for SCP and SFTP.
- Add time out parameter.
- Add option to prevent phone sleeping. [DONE] in 2.6
- Copy URL feature to SMS share.
- FXP support.
- UNC Path support.
- MLSD support. [DONE] in 2.9.2
- MACOS Peter's Server directories listing parser.
- Connection status in top bar.
- Symbolic links full support.
- Sync filter pattern (*.jpg or regexp allowing to exclude folders)
- Sync WiFi only [DONE] in 3.0
- Sync all [DONE] in 3.0
- Sync schedule [DONE] in 3.0
- Share link support
- ISO-8859-7 support [DONE] in
- Open remote file (download in cache automatically and open) [DONE] in
- Scroll indicator that you can "grab" to quickly scroll to different parts of the list [DONE] in 3.5
- Remote search. [DONE] in 4.1
- Power connected sync option
- Two-factor authentication
- Two split screens (local, remote) on tablet.

You can post more in this thread.
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby dkgibson » Tue Dec 22, 2009 8:45 pm

  1. Have option to format date in ISO8601 format (YYYY-MM-DD) (also for AndExplorer).
  2. Option for the back button to go up rather than exit (also for AndExplorer).
  3. Accept ConnectBot RSA keys.
  4. Allow saved server "friendly name" to be changed.
  5. Allow rotation of phone to redraw screen while connected (this does not word on Droid).
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby Hummel » Mon Dec 28, 2009 7:53 pm

- RSA SSL/TLS X.509 Client certificate authentication (for crypt data channel to both direction)
- Import/Export Client certificate (*.pfx, *.p12) into/from AndFTP
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby D0SBoots » Thu Dec 31, 2009 2:43 am

I'm going to second the suggestion that back function in a way that's consistent with other apps. You do the right thing where back from the "Device Browser" screen goes back to the remote view. But then things get weird when you hit the button to go back to the remote view, since hitting back from there will knock you out of browse entirely instead of going "back" to the device browser. Most android apps avoid having such "UI loops" for just such a reason.

In any case, using back to go up directories is very natural for an app like this, and getting disconnected instead is very jarring. I understand that it's a bit technically challenging to do this properly, because you'd have to cache the previous directory views. (Doing a directory refresh on a back action takes too long to give the proper responsiveness to a back button press, especially when going back to a large directory.)
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby support » Fri Jan 08, 2010 11:13 pm

Back has been implemented to AndExplorer 1.3 and it works in AndFTP 1.3 now. We're going to release quickly. We need to fix to bug reported for specific FTP server first.
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby Xtrigit » Mon Jan 11, 2010 12:27 am

First, let me thank the developer(s) for this USEFUL application. :)

I would really like to be able to change file(folder's) permissions that are located in the phone beginning from ./

If it's not possible to add this feature, I'ld understand.

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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby tlegras » Sat Feb 13, 2010 2:43 pm

- Run as Intent (login, password, host, paths).

+1 :P
i am developping an application to remotly control a pvr (french application only, sorry, this pvr is provided by a french ADSL provider) where the recorded video are available on a FTP server. So it would be very very convenient to be able to launch directly andftp from my application.

Of course it would be even better if it was possible to automate some operations (list, download, etc.) from the intent and that andftp returns operation results to the caller.

In the mean time i will just add a simple shortcut to andftp from my application. I really hope you will add this feature soon.

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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby Gekko » Wed Mar 24, 2010 10:23 pm

thanks for the great app. not sure if this is already included - is it possible to NOT save the password on the client for security reasons? in other words, is there an option to have to manually always enter in the password for your saved connection(s)? if not, please add.

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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby support » Thu Mar 25, 2010 5:49 pm

Yes, this feature is already available. Just leave username/password blank in setup.
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Re: Wish list for AndFTP

Postby ncacace » Fri Apr 23, 2010 5:49 am

It would be good to have one single password access into the application that removed all ftp information if it was incorrectly entered more than a certain number of times. Once you where in the application you could access your accounts by just selecting the connect button rather than having to input the password each time.

Once the correct password was entered the number of failed attempts would reset back to the original number of attempts allowed. The number of attempts could be set in the preferences.

It's too dangerous to have no security. What if you lost your phone?

To have to put in password and username each time is just too annoying.

Another option would be to empty the username and password fields if the number of failed attempts had been reached without deleting the ftp details.
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