SCP from Gallery (Android 4.2)

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SCP from Gallery (Android 4.2)

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Hi I recently bought andftp to share pictures via scp from the gallery app but so far I am very unhappy with it. I already posted my question in the two other threads linked below but I didn't get any reply so far, please delete those and refer to this post here.

I currently have 2 issues with using scp from within the gallery:

Only small files are successfully transferred to my server:

I tried to upload a 2.0 MB jpg picture (tried wifi and 3g -both working fast and reliably usually).
On the remote end a file with the name of the jpg file is created but it stays empty. The transfer is always stuck at approximately 70% for a 2mb file.

Usually the size and time it takes should not be an issue for scp. Maybe you have a timeout in your software?

For smaller files I can successfully transfer the picture but I have a different issue:

Files that are copied via scp to my remote server get created twice on the remote server

for example I transfer a 26kb file called IMG_20131219_012923.JPG from my phone to my server.

on the server I get 2 files, one is empty but and has the correct file name. The second one has a number as extension after the .jpg extension:

IMG_20131219_012923.JPG.1388240213336 (contains the jpg data, 26kb)
IMG_20131219_012923.JPG (empty file 0kb)

I already tried to set andftp to "Append on media store items export/share" with only a very minor difference - the file extension becomes lowercase instead of the original uppercase file name:


other options that I tried were mentioned in these 2 threads:

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Re: SCP from Gallery (Android 4.2)

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You're using AndFTP 3.6?

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