Sync folder on SDCARD

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Sync folder on SDCARD

Postby support » Thu Jun 08, 2017 5:20 pm

To enable sync folder on External SDCARD with AndSMB Pro:
1 - Open/Create a SMB settings
2 - On "General" tab, fill in your server/username/share info
3 - Still on "General" tab, click "External" on Local Dir line.
4 - It prompts to select SDCARD or a subfolder on SDCARD, select one and click Select.
(Notice that SDCARD cn be hidden by default so make sure to make it appears)
5 - Go on "Sync" tab and click "Browse" on Local Dir line. It will allow to select a folder on the SDCARD previously selected.
6 - Select a folder, click "Ok"
7 - Fill in other sync fields as you need and then Save.

You're ready to sync folder now.
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