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Default path syntax

PostPosted: Thu Sep 29, 2016 6:40 pm
by IgyOS
Hi, first of all your software solved me a a great part of my problem. The rest should be easy but I'm stuck with it.

I'm using AndSMB to connect to USB stick on ISP router and it works great on Andoid. Got my self a free NAS
My problem is to make it work on windows.
Part of solutions is to know network path syntax what AndSMB sends after I type informations.

I know IP address and port. In my case is Also know user name and password
Let's say user is Andy and pass is Droid.
What would it be correct path for windows machines? I tried many combinations but can't get right.
And I know it works because i open it easy with AndSMB
Also show info feature on new AndSMB versions
Any ideas would be appreciated