AndSMB, Tasker & Intents

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AndSMB, Tasker & Intents

Postby nickster » Tue Feb 03, 2015 7:12 am

A question from an obvious intent noob here.

I'm trying to use AndSMB with Tasker to automate file transfers from the phone to a NAS. There are at least 3 separate source/destination configurations, so using intents seems to be the best way to individually call each configuration. What I want to do is to upload the contents of an entire folder but when I look at the intent samples I have no clue of how to marry up AndSMB intents with Tasker's requirements.

The "Send Intent" task in Tasker requires the following parameters:

- Action (optional) would that be ACTION_PICK?
- Category (None, Default, Alt, Browsable, Car Dock, Desk Dock, Home, Info, Launcher, preference, Selected Alt, Tab & Test)
- Mime Type (optional)
- Data (optional) would that be
- Extra (optional - 2 of these) these would be the source and destination folders, right?
- Package (optional)
- Class (optional)
- Target (Broadcast Receiver, Activity, Service)

Oh, and a secondary question: an earlier poster said the date-time stamp of the uploaded file was different from that the source file. Does the "Import settings from file" feature in the Pro version maintain the original date-time data?

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