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Android 10 "Data connection not available"

Posted: Mon Jun 01, 2020 4:39 pm
by slamdunx
Since upgrading to a phone with Android 10 my daily AndSMB scheduled sync jobs are failing with the error message "Data connection not available". The jobs run at 4am and use the network setting "WiFi only" enabled. I am using the Pro version of AndSMB and in the About screen it says that I have version 4.2 and my system info is 4.14.117-perf+ Dalvik 0.9. I have tried with Wake Lock set to Enabled both "partial" and "full" but get the same result. I seem to remember setting the WiFi sleep policy "Keep Wifi on during sleep" to "Always" in Android 9 but as far I can see this option is not available through the GUI in Android 10. For reference I checked which network my podcast downloads, which are scheduled for the same time, are using and they download successfully over the WiFi connection. Are there any other settings I might have missed that could be causing this problem please?