Server connected - but no data in the folder

Samba/CIFS client for android.

Server connected - but no data in the folder

Postby feri » Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:38 pm

My equipment:

- server Samba on Seagate Wireless Plus external drive running on software V4

- Samsung Tab V2 10.1 running 4.1.2 Android, Kernel version 3.0.31 - 1069185, buildnr. JZO54K.P5100XXDMC3

The server is visible on all Samba ready filebrowsers. But i need to have the Samba mount to be visible as drive or directory for ALL applications on my tablet!


I does installed AndSMB and does setup like next (installed GERMAN version, so i translate itself to english, may be not exactly, not described settings i leave on defaults):

-hostname: Seagate
-username: mine
-passwort: pass
-local directory: /storage/sdcard0/cifs/mnt
-SMB directory: /seagate/Data/public/mydata
//- it's funny, but the same CD and LS directives showed from AndSMB does list this same files if i set
the SMB directory: /sPublic/mydata ...???

-> stored, connected -> in the AndSMB i see the directories and files on the Seagate server! But, if go go to the local directory, i see nothing! What can be wrong? I have something not understand right, or ??? Pls help!
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Re: Server connected - but no data in the folder

Postby support » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:41 pm

Did you try to transfer some files from remote folder to local?
AndSMB is a tool to transfer files remote<->Local.
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