2 way sync

Samba/CIFS client for android.
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2 way sync

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I tried and purchased this program for the better sync features. I was hoping to sync my documents to always be the same on my server, laptop, and Android devices. I need updates to go both ways. It seems it only looks at the file names and then mirrors one way. Even if I update a file on the master it doesn't copy it over to the slave location. I realize this may require some sort of record keeping but I need to be able to propagate changes, deletions, and creations in both directions. Am I missing a setting?

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Re: 2 way sync

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Currently sync options are mirror (local or remote). For remote mirror, if you modify/add/delete a remote file then modifications will be propagated to local folder. Make to to enable "Delete discrepancies" and "Include folders" for recursive propagation.

We plan 2 way sync.

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