Cant connect "InvalidAccessKeyID" with S3anywhere

Amazon S3 file manager for Android handsets.
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Cant connect "InvalidAccessKeyID" with S3anywhere

Post by Chris0706 »

Hey folks,

i am new to the Amazon S3 business, but i think i understood the main system. So i created a bucket on my S3 account in Europe and then i created an user in IAM. There i am given an "Access Key ID" which should be the "KeyID" and a "Secret Access Key" which should be "SecretKey".. am i right until now ?
Now i have entered the name of my bucket is created in S3 an chose a local folder on my device.
But if i connect now i only get "InvalidAccessKeyID". I triple checked the KeyID and SecretKey :/

Any help ?

regards chris

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Re: Cant connect "InvalidAccessKeyID" with S3anywhere

Post by support »

Yes, correct. Are you using Pro version or not? Free version works with US buckets only. Pro will all.
Try to create a US bucket and try again.

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