unable to get SFTP to work; works with Windows pgms

FTP client for Android handsets.

unable to get SFTP to work; works with Windows pgms

Postby RAH » Tue Oct 18, 2016 2:10 pm

Hello. I have some Linux host space on a 1and1.com server and recently switched over to SSL. I have read the instructions on their website very carefully and managed to get both Windows programs:

Total Commander's SFTP

working fine. But I am unable to get it to work with Android AndFTP - it ALWAYS brings up an Authentication screen ("Attempt 1" etc) with Username and password, even though I have VERY carefully made sure I am using the same info as I do with Filezilla and TCommander (in the server Settings screen). When I finally backout on the AndFTP attempts, I get a message "Invalid Credentials."

I have no idea what it wants or why it does not work. I am using SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol), same as with the WIndows programs, same username, hostname, port, and password. Yet it will not work.

Perhaps I should mention that I have used AndFTP for years before I added the SSL capability to my 1and1.com host account, and have never had a problem connecting with AndFTP. After adding the SSL, About the only change I made was the hostname, the protocol, and the port. But, as I say, I cannot get it to work.

Any help would be appreciated.
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Re: unable to get SFTP to work; works with Windows pgms

Postby support » Thu Oct 27, 2016 5:26 pm

Is it explicit or implicit FTPS?
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