Getting AndFTP to work with scp / ssh key

FTP client for Android handsets.

Getting AndFTP to work with scp / ssh key

Postby pking » Sat Mar 21, 2015 2:50 pm

I cannot seem to get AndFTP to work between my android device (Nexus 7 running 5.0.2) and my computer (gentoo). I've gotten it working in the past, so it should be possible; for no reason I know of, the current configuration no longer works -- this was sharing a key with VX Connectbot.
Eventually I gave up, generated a new key (ssh-keygen -t dsa) on my gentoo box, and copied the public key to my .ssh/authorized_keys file while transferring the private key to the Nexus. I then set up a new server configuration in AndFTP, using the hostname, SCP, and portnumber
options and leaving the Password blank in the General Settings. The Advanced Settings have the UTF-8 charset, passive mode, the new private key selected, and the Key passphrase. But to no avail. When I try to connect, I get "Algorithm negotiation fail" eventually followed by the dreaded "Invalid Credentials" message. Clearly something has gone wrong somewhere... any suggestions?
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Re: Getting AndFTP to work with scp / ssh key

Postby support » Wed Apr 15, 2015 4:55 pm

Ant update on server-side? Please drop an email to support(at) to get AndFTP 4.2 beta with new KEX algorithm support.
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