Internal storage - Folder access after A12 update

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Internal storage - Folder access after A12 update

Post by dsfexy »

After the recent update and initial working out how, I've managed to create a folder (I've called it "andFTP") in my internal storage root, by clicking "External", and creating a new folder.
I can upload and download files there just fine. Note my device doesn't have external/sdcard storage.

However, this is restrictive compared to before the update. My main use case is transferring media files to and from various locations in the internal storage e.g. "/Music", "/Books". I was able to transfer files directly to/from anywhere in my storage except protected paths e.g. under "/Android" .

So there's at least an extra step now in that I have to move the media (using a file manager) into the andFTP-accessible folder to upload to the remote server. Or download, and then move the files manually to where I really want them.

Is that just how it is, or am I missing something?

I want easy access to whatever I have in my internal storage root i.e. /storage/emulated/0 . Many other apps allow to select the root as the base path.

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