Move file on remote server to other folder

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Move file on remote server to other folder

Postby Martind Forlon » Thu Aug 21, 2014 8:44 am

I have files (like pictures) which I can send from gallery right to remote folder (main directory). When I after use AndFTP, I can't find out how to move this uploaded file to any other subdirectory. I can select file(s) but there is no "move" command. Have I missed something? Can be used Custom command (I have bough AdFTP Pro version) for move this file? (not practical, but at least some solution if it is possible.

Edit: find out that this can be done via Rename function (i.e select file and use command "Rename" /folder/something.jpg). Is also some other way which do not requiere rename files? (see above)
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