FTP over proxy

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FTP over proxy

Postby feyip » Sat Apr 19, 2014 10:47 am

Having created a public/private key in PuttyGen, and saved it as both PPK and OpenSSH, I can access my server using Putty and Filezilla on my laptop.
I can also SSH on my Android phone and port forward (via Firefox) to the server using JuiceSSH, and VNC in using bVNC - both of which use OpenSSH - and yet AndFTP fails every time due to "invalid PEM structure".
The key is 2048 bits, and the password for it includes characters like $#£*&, my server is set to ignore passwords and rely solely on certificates, and I've only got the SSH port open on my firewall.

I'm using OpenSSH

If I can already port forward over SSH to connect to the server, is it possible to use AndFTP via port forwarding, and use FTP instead of SFTP?
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