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[Doc] Synchronization

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2013 7:13 pm
by support
AndFTP supports folder synchronization in Pro version.

You can define one folder to synchronize per AndFTP configuration. It could be from remote folder to local folder (i.e. download, called "Mirror remote" option) or from local folder to remote folder (i.e. upload, called "Mirror local" option). You can have such synchronization recursive (i.e. all folders and subfolders) or not. You can also delete files (or not) from target folder to have exact mirror. You can schedule synchronization through Schedule button every day, week ...

Sync options - Basics
sync.png (34.45 KiB) Viewed 12491 times

Sync options - Basics (cont.)
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There are 3 sync criteria to define which file to synchronize:
1 - File name and size
2 - File name, size and date
3 - File name, size and newest date
Default is #1. #2 and #3 works for "Remote mirror" option. #2 will work on a few devices only because of Android bug that prevents to preserve timestamps on device (that's why we added #3 as a workaround). Such criteria apply to all AndFTP configuration, so you can find them under Menu -> Options -> Advanced.
Sync criteria
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On the same screen you can decide to get a report before and/or after synchronization.

AndFTP also allows excluding some files/folders from synchronization. It helps if you need to ignore some folders, just select the folder then Menu -> More -> Toggle folder from Sync.
Toggle folder from sync
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Finally, if you need to sync several folders on the same FTP server, you can duplicate the AndFTP configuration and update folders to sync. You can also play with excluded folders to achieve folders you want sync.