WiFi disconnects when screen off

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WiFi disconnects when screen off

Postby demios78 » Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:46 am


Excellent program.

The problem I am having is that the phone disconnects from wireless as soon as the screen times out. I ma trying to download 100MB files from my LAN FTP. It works wonderfully at 1000 KB/s that s until the 60-second screen timeout happens, then the transfer is broken. When I unlock it, AndFTP remains frozen for a while until it process the "cancel" button press. Then AndFTP shows an Exception:

java.net.SocketException:Broken Pipe

I am using an Unlocked Nexus One, and the latest version of AndFTP (April 17th, 2010). It seems that whenever the screen sleeps, so does that WiFi. I have changed the WiFi sleep policy to "Never", but that seems to be only a switch of the DATA from WiFi to 2G or 3G.

This problem also occurs with the built-in browser downloader.

Is there any work-around?
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